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North Coast

Birdie Beach Legal

BirdieBirdie Beach can be reached by travelling along the expressway from Sydney and taking the Newcastle exit.

Kings Beach

kings BeachKings Beach is absolutely delightful, with huge rocky outcrops at either end, and a wide sandy horseshoe bay in between. 

Little Diggers Beach Unofficial

Little Diggers Beach is on the northern outskirts of Coffs Harbour, and over the last twelve years or so has become the main unofficial clothes optional beach in the area. Well aware of its existence the local authorities have adopted the view that so long as nothing untoward happens it will be a case of live and let live.

Little Pebble Beach, Halliday Point

Halliday Point is about 15 km north of Forster and about 18 km south of Taree.
Little Pebble Beach is a small but very nice little unofficial nudist beach with 8 to 10 local regular users.

Miners Beach, Port Macquarie Unofficial

Miners Beach in Port Macquarie has always been known as an unofficial but widely used nude beach.

Samurai Beach Legal

samuriSamurai Beach is 1 km in length with rocky outcrops at either end. It is very natural and beautiful, and ideal for fishing, snorkeling etc. The clothes optional area includes the entire length of the beach.

Shelly Beach, Forster Unofficial

shelly forsterI've been to dozens of nude beaches in Australia and this is by far and away my favorite. It has beautiful scenery, amazing crystal clear water. Lovely golden sand and far enough away from the road to avoid kids and crowds.

Tyagara Beach Legal


National reserve in Tyagarah, northern New South Wales, Australia