Sadly, not a great deal has changed in Australia. Naturism takes a back seat to many other lifestyle choices, and is still seen as many as an unsavory and unwholesome activity. Little do the critics realise that what you can't do clothed, we don't do naked. Certainly, the ANF does not support (and will continue to fight) against the individuals who break the law, and do not abide by our Code of Conduct. Our objective is to modernise the naturist movement in Australia, seek cultural recognition, and challenge the discrimination which befalls us. Importantly, we need to challenge the narrow-minded and ignorant attitudes of mainstream society, and educate them about naturism and what it offers individuals and communities.

On 15th February, 1975, Maslins Beach south of Adelaide was declared Australia's 1st legal nude beach.

Don Dunstan, Premier of South Australia at that time said:-

I was insistent that one of the major changes that we would make in South Australia was that we would allow people to be individual in society. We believe that the law had no right to demand conformity to patterns of behaviour which didn’t need to be imposed. Unless people were hurting others in the community they should be able to be individuals and do their own thing. I believe the richness of society comes from its diversity and individuality.