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ANF Affiliated Businesses

Businesses affiliated with the Australian Naturist Federation

First Responder Group

medical bag

First Responder Group Pty Ltd is a company based in Werribee Victoria that specialises in supply of medical and rescue equipment suited to first responder teams.
We also have a range of equipment suitable to use in medical facilities like industry first aid rooms, GP suites or special procedure rooms.
Our focus is to supply equipment that meets your needs and budget without compromising quality.
We have worked extensively with project managers to fit out large field hospitals both in Australia and abroad servicing our military.
You can be sure of receiving personal attention to your needs regardless of the size of your project.
Our business was first established in 1995 and has evolved and adjusted to remain relevant today.
We look forward to being of service soon.

Free Beaches Australia

Our Aim: Nude beaches for every body. Help support and promote the FBA Etiquette, aims, mission, vision and goals to create a united nudist/naturist culture, accepted within mainstream society by developing safe, clean, fun, clothing optional public areas throughout Australia. We hope to become Australia.

The Australian Naturist

The world's most popular Naturist Lifestyle Publication. If social nudity was an accepted practice, in appropriate situations, we believe that the world would be a much better place. TAN magazine includes Australian & overseas articles & photos illustrating the freedom & beauty of the nudist lifestyle. TAN attempts to proselytize the naturist lifestyle to the converted, curious & cautious.