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Nudism in Australia

In the hectic swirl of modern day living sometimes you just need to escape for a while. But all too often, when you do find time for a break, you simply exchange your daily rat race for a holiday package that is almost as frantic. There are alternatives you know, and a nude getaway may be just what you and your partner are looking for. In fact once you have experienced social nudism you may very well want to make it your main recreational pastime. Many clubs and resorts have grounds where you can set up your own cabin or caravan, giving you a permanent weekender where you can relax with your partner or family, and all your new found friends.

Social nudism has existed in Australia for more than 80 years. In the early days it was mainly confined to secluded clubs, but nowadays there are also dozens of beaches, resorts and B&B Services where you can discover the exhilaration of being outdoors naked and free amongst other like minded people.

Take a moment to reflect on some of your most unforgettable childhood experiences. Chances are the most memorable will be picnic or camping trips with family or friends rather than expensive sophisticated holidays. Modern day nudist resorts, B&Bs and clubs provide that sort of ambience whilst still catering for your creature comforts at the same time. And the camaraderie and companionship at these venues must be experienced to be believed.

Imagine for a moment relaxing in an environment where you will not be judged for who you are, what colour your skin is, what clothes you wear. Naturists come from all walks of life, and tend to mingle very well. In some respects the naturist culture is a utopian example, reminiscent or the 'flower power generation' without the sex and drugs. We pride ourselves on simple living, genuine friendship and good fun. It is not all about sports, and there are many fun social activities to be involved with. Actually, it is the most fun you can have with your clothes off!

If it is companionship you are looking for you may prefer to join one of the many nudist social groups. These are comprised mostly of nudist couples who meet regularly for social outings and weekends away at nude beaches, clubs and resorts, etc. And the fun doesn't stop at daytime activities, they often have house parties, restaurant nights (usually dressed occasions) and so on. You will be amazed at the friendly atmosphere.

Still a bit apprehensive about going nude in front others? After the first five minutes you will wonder what all the fuss was about. Take a look at the list of resorts, clubs, social groups and B&Bs affiliated with the Australian Nudist Federation. Browse their web pages and see what facilities they have available, and the sporting and social activities they have to offer. Chances are there is one or more quite handy to you. Alternatively you may like to email the ANF for a free brochure. Whatever your choice don't miss the experience of a lifetime - your first nude getaway!

Resorts, B&Bs and Retreats

Australia now has many nudist and clothing optional resorts, recreation and camping grounds, and Bed & Breakfast Services and beaches. These facilities cater for an ever increasing number of touring nudists, from both within Australia and overseas. Indeed it is possible to travel from Adelaide to Cairns and always be within reach of overnight nudist accommodation.

Besides accommodation most of the resorts and B&Bs offer additional facilities such as swimming pools, spa pools, and sports facilities. Other services may include airport, road or rail transfers, meals, entertainment such as Trivia Nights, Theme Parties etc. They are ideal for both short 'Getaway' breaks as well as more extended holidays.

The standard of these facilities can vary from very basic camping grounds, to caravan parks, to full resort, guesthouse and motel style accommodation. In most cases they have provisions for the whole family, but some cater only for adults. It is essential that you contact the proprietors direct to make arrangements prior to you arrival.

Clothing Optional Beaches

Most Australian states have had legal free beaches for many years, the two exceptions being Queensland and Tasmania. However, both of these states do have a number of unofficially condoned nude bathing areas and it is hoped the situation may be resolved in the near future.

Annual nude beach carnivals are held in several states but the situation does vary from year to year. The range of activities is very much of the 'family picnic day' style. These days are very popular and usually attract several hundred participants.

A new and exciting development in the quest for more free beaches in all states of Australia is the amalgamation of the Free Beach Association of NSW Inc and the Free Beach Association of Qld Inc. The new Australia wide organisation, titled Free Beaches Australia Inc, is affiliated with the ANF. If you or your group think the ANF may be able to help in obtaining legal status for your favourite 'well known' free beach please contact this organisation or the secretary of the Australian Nudist Federation Inc to find out what assistance can be offered.

Australia has undoubtedly some of the best nude beaches in the world, and not all of them are hidden away. Some are quite accessible within major cities, such as Lady Bay, Cobblers and Obelisk within Sydney Harbour, Maslins Beach south of Adelaide, and Swanbourne in Perth.

Others, however, require a little more work to get to, such as those on the south coast of Sydney, the North Coast of NSW, and the isolated far flung beaches of Western Australia. However, the variety of beaches and their widespread nature make for very interesting and invigorating nudist travels. Many of our more seasoned (and happily retired) naturists spend the entire year following the weather around Australia visiting nude beaches, clubs and resorts.