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South East Community Sun Club Inc (Sunnies) Monthly Nude Swim
07.05.2017 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm



sunnies swim


The SE Sun Club hosts a monthly swim on the first Sunday of each month (with the exception of January) in Ipswich, Queensland.

Enjoy nude swimming with friends

Enjoy nude swimming with friends

Eddie our President & Tim our Treasurer, will (usually) be there to welcome you just as you come through the swim complex door.  Just ask them if there is anything you are unsure about and they will make you feel most welcome. Jackie is our Secretary, newsletter editor and events coordinator.  So ask for someone to point us out & come and introduce yourselves & say hello.

Activities available are swimming, volley ball in the pool or just chatting–you choose.

We also have badminton if you would like to be a little more active.

We will add other games from time to time.

The club supplies afternoon tea on the days of the swims.  This can vary from sausage sizzles to special themed food or almost anything you can imagine.

Tea, Coffee and Juice is also available.

Please bring your own UNBREAKABLE cup.  Dishwasing facilities are available.

$14 members / $19 non-members. Fee includes entry and afternoon tea costs.