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Latest News

What I learnt living next to a nudist colony.


My husband and I wondered why the advertisement for the Sunshine Coast rental property described it as “nudist friendly”.

We naively believed ...


Don't forget Pacific Sun Friends Annual get together

psf get together

Get ready for PSF's October Long Weekend.

The band, Contraband, is fantastic (more modern than previous bands). They play covers from 70's till todays music. It is also footy finals weekend so watch the games with friends at PSF. Refer events page for further details.


New ANF Resort - Kiata Country Club


We are pleased to announce that Kiata Country Club has joined the ANF. 

Contact details and further information available here.


New ANF Resort - Lemon Tree Resort - Phuket

main ent

We are pleased to announce that the Lemon Tree Resort in Phuket Tailand has joined the ANF. 

For more details about the resort and its facilities click here.