The ANF provides a range of services and support to its members and affiliates. The information below outlines the services on offer and the necessary instructions, criteria and forms required to access the appropriate information. It also includes other documents that the Federation has developed. These documents are available for downloading if you wish to be aware of how the Federation operates.

Code of Behaviour

The ANF Code of Behaviour is a document that has been developed to ensure that both individuals and groups know what is expected of them in the nude environment. As well as providing a guide for the behaviour of individuals and groups, the Code of Behaviour has been invaluable to the Federation to prove to governments that it is serious about it's responsibility of ensuring the proper behaviour of it's members and affiliates.

Download attachments:   Form 6 - Code of behaviour 

ANF Affiliations

A list of Clubs and Resorts that are affilitated with the ANF.

Download attachments:   Clubs and Resorts 

The ANF Supporter Club

Download the form for more information