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Alexandria Bay Petition

Make your wishes known sign the petition for a naturist beach in Queensland.

Sign the online petition now. 

Or print the hard copy version, sign (and get your friends, relations, non naturist or other to sign too) and return to the ANF.  Alexandria Bay Petition 

Nudists left dangling over Alexandria Bay petition 

  A PETITION to make Alexandria Bay an official nude beach has gained signatures from all over the world.

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Get rid of the prude and make way for the nude.

WHY is Queensland different? Twenty-nine years after then South Australian premier Don Dunstan declared the first official Australian nudist beach, Queensland is still arresting people for wilful exposure at unofficial nudist beaches.

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WE SAY: Butt out and let the nudists be free.

OUR VIEW: IT IS all very well to call for public debate over nude beaches, but will it really solve anything at Noosa National Park's Alexandria Bay?.

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It's 2014: Lawyer says time for legal nude beaches.

A LEADING criminal lawyer has called for a debate on the legalisation of designated nudist beaches.

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