The ANF provides a range of services and support to its members and affiliates. The information below outlines the services on offer and the necessary instructions, criteria and forms required to access the appropriate information. It also includes other documents that the Federation has developed. These documents are available for downloading if you wish to be aware of how the Federation operates.


The ANF has developed a questionnaire to go to all its affiliates to obtain information about what is provided by the affiliate. Information obtained through the questionnaire will be made available to members of the ANF through Affiliates and the Supporter Club. This information will also be made available to travellers both within Australia and from overseas.

Download attachments:  Form 10A - Questionnaire for Non-landed clubs   |  Form 10B - Questionnaire for B&Bs   |  Form 10C - Questionnaire for Clubs & Resorts 

ANF Supporter Club Membership

The ANF provides a variety of member types to encourage nudists to participate in their movement. Trial, Overseas or Supporter Membership is available to those who have no current formal connection with the movement. Premium Membership is for members of Clubs where the ANF manages that Club’s database. Members of other affiliated clubs may register with the ANF to receive the ANF News by email – they have already paid for ANF membership though their Club – this is called Club Plus Membership. For more information on membership options and the fees associated with each membership type please refer to the Fees page.

Membership of the ANF provides opportunity to support nudism in Australia and overseas by funding lobbying of governments at all levels on various nude related activities and supporting the various affiliates through the programs mentioned above. ANF members receive a regular newsletter (the ANF News) and are issued with ANF/INF passports which allows them to participate in the annual convention and visit many affiliates across Australia and overseas.

Download attachments:   Form 9A ANF Member Application   

Annual ANF Convention

The ANF, through it's member clubs, hosts an annual nude convention and sports rally. The convention is hosted by a member club after a nomination to host the convention is approved at a previous General Assembly of Clubs (The ANF AGM). The ANF has developed an application form to nominate to host a convention and instructions to complete this form. These forms are to ensure clubs have the necessary facilities and infrastructure to conduct such an event. It also allows visitors from others clubs to know what to expect when visiting the convention including the rules that apply to the sports competition.

Download attachments:   Form 7B - Application to host a Convention   |   Form 7C - Sports Competition Rules   |   Form 7A - Guidelines for Hosting a Convention 

Code of Behaviour

The ANF Code of Behaviour is a document that has been developed to ensure that both individuals and groups know what is expected of them in the nude environment. As well as providing a guide for the behaviour of individuals and groups, the Code of Behaviour has been invaluable to the Federation to prove to governments that it is serious about it's responsibility of ensuring the proper behaviour of it's members and affiliates.

Download attachments:   Form 6 - Code of behaviour 

ANF Constitution

The ANF is incorporated in NSW and meets all the necessary reporting requirements made by that State. The constitution is the documentation that governs the operation of the Federation.

Download attachments:   ANF Constitution 2011 

ANF Privacy Policy

The ANF is aware of the need to respect the privacy of its members. To ensure this occurs we have produced a Privacy Policy which you may peruse on the right..

Download attachments:   ANF Privacy Policy 

ANF Affiliation

The ANF has many nude groups as part of its membership base. The following form is available for any nude or clothes optional club/resort or Bed and Breakfast to apply for membership of the Federation. The various categories and the criteria to be met for affiliation is available for downloading as part of the ANF Constitution. It is also important for all applicants to read the Code of Behaviour provided below.

Download attachments:   Form 4 Affiliate Application Form 

Beach Carnival Grant

The ANF provides financial support to affiliates wishing to stage a 'Nude Beach Family Sports Event'. A maximum of $500 is available for each carnival/event after meeting certain conditions.

Download attachments:   Form 3A - Instructions to complete a Beach Carnival Grant Application   |   Form 3B Beach Carnival Grant 

ANF Grants

The ANF provides grants of up to $1,000 per affiliate to improve the facilities and services available to its members and guests. There is currently a maximum of $4,000 available for grants each year.

Download attachments:   Form 2A - Instructions to complete a Grant Application   |   Form 2B - Application for an ANF Grant 

ANF Loans

The ANF offers loans to assist affiliates develop infrastructure for the good of the naturist traveller. Loans are currently set at a maximum of $5,000 and an interest rate based on the long term bond rate is set at the time of the loan. These loans can be paid off over a period of up to 8 years.

Download attachments:   Form 1A - Instructions to complete a Loan Application   |   Form 1B - Application for an ANF Loan