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JOIN a stronger more viable combined FBA/ANF organisation TODAY.
Lets see a 100 financial members on saturday 5th November
PLEASE become a member today..!

Dear Members, October 2015

Re: Extraordinary General Meeting of FBA financial Members

An Extraordinary General Meeting of Members to be held 10am, Saturday 5th December 2015 at Balkaz Resort - (free entry for all financial members on the day).

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the future of the Free Beaches Australia Inc in the motion set out below.

“To continue the viability of Freebeach Australia it is proposed by the current financial members that we maintain the current committee in a caretaker role for a period of 2 months until a EGM can be called on 5/12/15. It is proposed the current committee continue to function as required during this 2month period in all current aspects.
It is then proposed that a sub committee of financial members be formed from the EGM consisting of Membership Officer, Social Coordinator, Treasurer and Committee Member.
These new committee members will sit under an ANF executive.
This sub-committee will function under the ANF Executive and report to and be directed by the ANF President. But will continue to operate as a separate financial entity as “Freebeach Australia”

Proposed.. Adrian Mcglone ..on behalf of all financial members
Seconded..Tony Gullick.. on behalf of all financial members Carried Unanimously

The FBA is also seeking (4) four members to be on committee under the banner of the ANF to ensure the smooth running and future growth of the FBA and the direction in which our significant funds are directed.

Nominations must be received by the secretary prior (9.30am) to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Members to be held 10am, Saturday 5th December 2015 at Balkaz Resort.

Why join FBA and ANF together..?
- share person power, we need HELP from members
- bigger organisation
- better access to legal resources
- united front, stop the weakening and fragmentation of the naturist movement
- increased press coverage (united and more presence)
- increased social function

ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN - yes you can nominate yourself.

Social Secretary
Membership Officer
Committee member

Come along and join and nominate on the day by 9.30am.

The FBA looks forward to a real show of strength at this meeting as we form a stronger presence in union with the ANF.

Yours naturally.