Holidaying in Bali Naturally

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By Jim Langman - Perth Western Australia  

Personally choosing Bali as a holiday destination had not ever really entered my mind until it was in a Perth nudist community forum which I had created some years ago for nudists in Western Australia, it was not until a guy by the name of Nick joined the forum as a member and stated he was living in Bali and was part of a nudist resort there. Of course you can guess as a lifetime nudist this intrigued me as I had heard lots about Bali, but never the fact that Bali had its own nudist resort.

After some time I decided to make contact with Nick of this Bali nudist resort to find out more about it. It was a pleasant surprise to find he was very pleasant to chat with and also very helpful in telling me all about the resort and where it could be located. The name of the resort is BALI AU NATUREL, which is a two and a half hour drive across Bali from the Denpasar airport. If you get the morning flight you can expect to be treated to some of the most magnificent views you can ever wish to see anywhere.

Before deciding to go over to the resort I told Nick that I was very happy to create a section on my nudist community website for them. In return Nick told me in return for creating a section for the resort on my site that he would offer my wife and I and anyone that would like to travel with us a 30% discount on our accommodation and that offer would stand every time we chose to go over to the resort. So it goes without saying, it was not long before we had our first small group ready to travell with us. Our only mistake was to getting the afternoon flight as it was cheaper than the morning flight, only trouble was by the time we got to the airport in Bali it was getting dark and with another two or three hour drive ahead of us, it meant that we would not get to the nudist resort till late.

The location of the resort from Denpasar airport meant our journey would led us over the mountains for most of the time, climbing all the time. Because we were travelling in the dark after quite some time it looked as if we were driving into some thick fog. I ask my mate Wayne who was travelling with his wife on our journey, I said, isn't it rather strange that we were entering into an area of thick fog in Bali of all places. Wayne just laughed and said, Jim you idiot we have been climbing up to a height of 10 to 15 thousand feet, that’s not fog, we are now up in the clouds. Oh silly me!!

Finally the last leg of our journey to the resort took us down the other side of the mountain and I can tell you, we were all so very glad to finally arrive at our destination.

On our arrival, the gates opened up for our car to enter the grounds of the resort. As it was quite dark and also being so tired, we could not really appreciate the beauty of the resort until we awakened the following morning. I was the first to awaken and walked out into our area of the resort that we had rented for the time we were there. My mate Wayne also came out and we both just looked around in amazement. Wayne quickly turns to me saying, bloody hell Jim, is all this just for us? I replied in amazement at what we were looking at together, it bloody well looks that way Wayne. In front of us was this amazing private swimming pool with beautiful Balinese sculpture and landscaping. The best of all it was just for us.

Once everyone had awaken all had surfaced to face the day, we all went off to breakfast wearing nothing but a smile, as the saying goes. It was the same for lunch and diner, naked all the time. It was just so good to do everything and go anywhere in the resort wearing nothing but a smile. At the resort you can spend time at the gymnasium working out which was not for this kid, or you could have a relaxing massage, now this was more to my liking.

Everywhere you walk within the resort you are able to see well-kept gardens and lawns, which are maintained every day. There are statues darted everywhere along with Balinese sculptures that are positioned everywhere throughout the resort. The whole place is beautifully landscaped everywhere you walk. When it comes to the staff, I cannot speak highly enough of them. They are all just so pleasant and all gave such good service.

It was so good to be able to go to a resort especially in Bali taking with you such a small amount of luggage and just simply being how we were intended to be when coming into this world. It reminds me of an old saying. If God wanted us to be nudists, he would have sent us into the world that way. Oh wait he did.!!

I have created a link to the Bali nudist resort on a website I created some years ago called: The Perth Nudist Community. Nudist resort link on the website:

My wife and I are taking another group over the the nudist resort later this year in early September as the weather is at its best this time of year. For those that wish to simply go it alone and arrange a booking to stay at the resort, simply mention that you are an Australian nudist and you will be given a 10% discount on all accommodation. Good luck to all those that wish to go and enjoy the nudist lifestyle while in Bali. I can guarantee you a fantastic time. Its a fantastic holiday and a great place to go when you don't want to spend a lot of money on your next vacation.